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NL MINDFUL- YOUR PERSONAL DIGITAL MINDFULNESS CLASS for a better emotion regulation and stress responding

NL MINDFUL is a 8 weeks science based online Mindfulness class.

NL MINDFUL has a focus on Mindfulness in Daily Life with Breathing Practices, Mediations with different topics and Mindfulness in Movement like Walking Meditation. You receive support by your teacher during the whole class.

Mindfulness for Daily Life- anywhere and anytime, flexible with individual support by your Mindfulness Teacher

You receive from us Audio Lessons and written Lectures on Monday and Friday via email with a weekly overview of your Assignments. So, you can work on your lessons with flexibility. Get in touch with your questions and your personal teacher responds as quick as possible.

MINDFULNESS class with Flexibility

We adapt our online Mindfulness course accordingly to the needs of the personal daily life of our students, if needed. We can adjust the frequency of the lectures, we can give the student more time and we deliver support in German or English.

Your NL MINDFUL Teacher is Director of NL MINDFUL & Publisher of NL PUBLISHING Melanie Kettner. More about her here.

MINDFULNESS online class with personal support by your teacher during the whole class

Get in touch Mo-Fr 10-17.00: contact@nl-mindful.com

In cases of urgency drop us a message any time, your personal teacher responds as quick as possible.

Director of NL MINDFUL Melanie Kettner is continuously attending classes at the Mindfulness Research Center  at the Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior of the University of Los Angeles.

For whom is a Mindfulness class?

Actually for everyone who wants to be prepared for difficult life situations, in which we normally tend to lose our balance without support. And for everyone who wants to learn to cope better with stressful daily life. It is not a Psychotherapy, but it can be a good idea to visit a Mindfulness class, if you are waiting for your Psychotherapy or alongside a Psychotherapy. In some cases it might sufficient to work with a Mindfulness teacher who can provide personal support.

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